CASE STUDY: Double Trouble? That's TWICE as exhausting.

Auron & Nox's sleep story...

From birth, mum Stephanie had to rock her twin boys, Auron and Nox, to sleep. This was obviously very exhausting with two babies! She was also mostly guessing when to get them to sleep during their day - they had no routine at all, which Stephanie struggled with.

Making things even harder was the fact that the boys would only ever nap for 45 minutes at a time, so Stephanie felt like she spent all day trying to get them to sleep, only for them to wake shortly afterwards. As a result of the catnapping during the day, Auron and Nox were also waking more frequently at night.

Stephanie was desperate for sleep so she started looking online for a solution. Much to her dismay, most of the programs, routines and settling methods she found only focused on single babies and she wasn't sure whether she could make it work for her twins. Then, she found Little Ones and saw that we include a Multiples Guide for Twins and Triplets with our Sleep Programs. Stephanie was sold!

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She purchased our Baby Sleep Program and started implementing it with her boys when they were 3 months old. She started by making some small changes to their sleep environment, introducing a dark room and white noise to encourage good sleep.

Next, she started following the sleep schedule in our Program, using some of the extra tips from our Multiples Guide. It took 2-3 weeks to get Auron and Nox settled into their new nap routine, but Stephanie was amazed by the difference it made!

We now have structure to our days; I know when they need to nap and I know for how long. I also know what to do when things go wrong and/or when we have a different kind of day, such as swimming lessons at midday.

Auron and Nox needed some structure in their day to ensure they were getting enough sleep at nap times, leading to good restorative sleep overnight. Once Stephanie implemented our Sleep Program, she could make sure her boys awake windows were perfect for their age, which really improved their settling and sleep.

Having a consistent routine during the day also made it easy for Stephanie for guide her boys towards self-settling, using one the gentle methods in our Program:

We can now just take them to their cots, place them in and they will put themselves to sleep. Such a change from rocking them for ages to get them to sleep! We have a two hour lunch nap most of the time and I have those two hours in the middle of the day to work, so I don't have to do any work at night when my husband and I have our time together.

Stephanie couldn't believe that after just a few weeks, her babies were settling with minimal to no help, napping well during the day and sleeping great at night. Everyone in the family was now well rested and happy, proving that a good routine can make a big difference!

Stephanie says:

Our babies are settled and well rested during the day and there is little to no crying when it’s time for a sleep! The Programs are great and the Little Ones Village is also such a valuable source of support and information. I love reading how people are doing and what can help."

If you've got more than one baby, our Multiples Guide has practical advice for setting up your babies sleep environment, managing feeds, staggering naps, and settling your babies to sleep. Our Multiples Guide is included with all of our Sleep Programs and if you need some extra help, additional support from certified sleep consultants is also available in our Little Ones Village.

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