Introducing the Little Ones™ Sleep Program

    A comprehensive online program to help your baby, and your family, sleep well for years to come.

    Change the way you think about sleep.

    Imagine not having to worry or stress about your little one's sleep, knowing they were getting the right amount for their growth and development.

    We can make sleep a positive experience in your household.


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    Caring & Responsive

    Our sleep advice is written from the heart and with your little one's best interests in mind, to help you navigate the first years of parenthood.

    Completely Customisable

    There is no "one-size-fits-all". Choose one of our approaches that works best for your baby and for your family, without having to compromise your parenting values.

    Evidence-Based & Researched

    Our sleep guidance is based on up-to-date research from medical and scientific sources, as well as our first-hand experience with the sleep patterns of thousands of families.

    Trusted By Medical Professionals

    Our programs are endorsed and recommended by paediatricians, nurses and doctors around the world.

    Meet the mothers who have revolutionised sleep

    We are Nicky and Amanda, the women behind Little Ones. We believe that everyone deserves sleep, but unfortunately, when our own children were young, reliable sleep advice was hard to come by. This fuelled our desire to become sleep specialists and provide parents with the knowledge to better understand their own babies' sleep needs, empowering families to make positive changes.

    With Little Ones you will discover:

    Our secret formula for sleep success

    The key to great naps

    How to easily settle your baby to sleep

    How to help your baby sleep through the night

    Self-settling methods that do not have to involve crying

    The perfect daily schedule for your little one

    This could be you.

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