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Complete Sleep Program (includes Sleep Consultant support)

With our Complete Sleep Program you'll have all our Sleep Program content from birth to 3 years old. You'll discover:

  • How to get your baby sleeping through the night and continue sleeping through the night
  • Our secret to achieving great, consistent naps
  • How to easily settle your baby to sleep at any age
  • Self-settling methods that do not have to involve crying
  • How to get your little one sleeping in their own bassinet/crib/room
  • The perfect daily sleep and feed schedule for your little one’s age that changes as your baby grows
  • How to set up and maintain excellent sleep habits that last years to come
  • How to more confidently respond to your baby's developmental needs 
  • Valuable insights through accurate sleep and feed tracking
  • Comprehensive troubleshooting for when things don't go to plan
  • When and why the many sleep regressions occur and how to sail through them
  • How to approach and manage multiple nap transitions with minimal disruption
  • How to give your baby the sleep they need to assist in their growth and development in this period of rapid change
  • Day or night support from our certified Sleep Consultants in the Little Ones Village (this is the only Sleep Program where support is included)
  • How and when to start solids and what foods to offer your little one
  • How to toilet train your toddler 
  • How to deal with toddler bedtime and overnight antics

INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Your Complete Sleep Program is instantly available upon purchase, inside our mobile app and by logging in to the customer section on our website.

Disclaimer: If your little one has known medical issues, this may impact the efficacy of the Program.
Please advise us if your little one has any medical issues when seeking support in the village.

"I was exhausted and needed a solution. I found the Little Ones program and started it the next day. I saw improvement after 3 days! She is sleeping through the night and she falls asleep on her own. I am a happier rested momma and she is a happier rested baby. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone!" - Nikki

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Complete Sleep Program (includes Sleep Consultant support)

Or access all our Sleep Programs from 0-3 years, along with sleep consultant support, with our Complete Program.

Over 500,000 families worldwide trust Little Ones

Say "yes" to better sleep.

You're here because your little one fights their daytime naps like a pro wrestler, or prefers to party all night long.

Well, my friend, we've all been there. When sleep is THE hottest topic around coffee group circles, why does nobody give you a manual on baby sleep when your wee one is born?

We developed this company because we believe that everyone deserves sleep, but not everyone knows how to achieve it. We know how crucial decent sleep is, not only to a baby's health and development, but also to the dynamics of a family, to a mother's mental health, to the functioning of relationships.

And so we wrote a sleep manual.

Our Sleep Programs have been researched and written using the most up to date information and methods on the complex world of infant sleep.

  • IACSC Accredited

    Little Ones is accredited by the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants.

  • Certified Sleep Consultants

    All our staff are certified, professional Sleep Consultants.

  • Trusted Brand

    Little Ones is trusted by thousands of families and medical professionals worldwide.

  • Accredited Training Provider

    Little Ones is an accredited training provider with the IICT for our Sleep Consultant course.

Absolutely life changing!

I can't speak more highly of this program and have recommended it to all my friends with babies or expecting! I wish I had it from the get go as there's so much useful info that would've helped me in the newborn stage. I had a 6 month baby that was still fed to sleep and waking 3-4 times a night. I didn't want a program that involved lots of crying therefore this was the right fit for us. Mila was sleeping thru the night within 3 days of starting and with the advice in the program I stopped the need of feeding to sleep. Now anyone can put her to sleep and our whole house is harmonious again. Thank you soo much, we are forever grateful!!

~ Julia