8 weeks old and poor daytime naps

CASE STUDY: 8 week old, unsettled, poor daytime naps


Name: Isla

Age: 8 weeks

Mother: Holly

Naps: Holly couldn't tell us her nap schedule as it really was all over the place and Isla used to wake 2-3 times a night for feeds/resettles.



Holly got in touch with Little Ones and the first thing we did was get Isla set up with our Newborn Sleep Program. Following the Program highlighted that something wasn't quite right and after discussing what kind of schedule and behavior Isla was showing, we discovered reflux may be the problem. A swift visit to a pediatrician and sure enough, she was diagnosed gastrointestinal reflux and prescribed medication to help with the pain. 



Holly is now developing a really strong relationship and connection with her beautiful little girl! She is finally finding the enjoyment of parenthood which she says she was missing in the beginning due to pure exhaustion. 


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