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The Dreamland Train

"This magic night-time engine transports all sleepyheads and children travel to the dawn snuggled in their beds"

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The Dreamland Train

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Little Ones has helped over 300,000 families worldwide through their sleep app and is renowned for providing world-class advice and methods which allow parents to responsively and respectfully address their child's sleep, behavioral and developmental challenges.

We'd love to help you and your family to be more confident, more rested and more prepared for the trials that parenting can bring.

Imagine not having to worry about your child's sleep or development.

“I currently have 5 of Little Ones programs and each has been such a huge help in caring for my kids. I recommend them to any struggling young mother on my path. The program for 3-6 year olds has been one I've been coming back to every so often when I run into an issue or don't know how to properly respond (night terrors, bedtime struggles, introducing shared room).

Also the info on development and building strong relationships with your kids has been a great affirmation that my husband and I are on the right track. Also, I love the switch that was made to the interactive app. Struggling parents need a quick way to absorb the right info at the right time and the app provides a wide range of info without making it overwhelming.

I have nothing bad to say about Little Ones, only positivity and gratitude from me! Recommend to everyone, it's worth every dollar.


  • 75%

    Kid's sleep improved within 2 weeks

  • 98%

    Overall sleep success rate

  • 83%

    Confidence as a parent has increased

  • IACSC Accredited

    Little Ones is accredited by the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants.

  • Certified Sleep Consultants

    All our staff are certified, professional Sleep Consultants.

  • Trusted Brand

    Little Ones is trusted by thousands of families and medical professionals worldwide.

  • Accredited Training Provider

    Little Ones is an accredited training provider with the IICT for our Sleep Consultant course.