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An online program and sleep consultant support, delivered in our mobile app,
to assist you in creating and maintaining healthy sleep habits with your baby or toddler. 


Everyone from Little Ones - thank you. The Sleep Program is amazing. The support is fantastic and I wish everyone knew about it and used it for their children. It works!!

- Jasmine Dean (ED nurse and mother of 2)

The Little Ones™ Ultimate Sleep Program is Unique Because...

First Class Research

The comprehensive advice in our Sleep Program has been thoroughly researched and cross-checked by professionals including paediatricians and sleep neurophysiologists. We only use evidence-based information because we know you want to use the best advice for your baby.

Knowledge is Power

Our Program contains all the knowledge you need to understand your baby's sleep and implement positive solutionsthat suit your parenting style, because we know there is no one-size-fits-all, and you are the one who knows your child the best.

Access to the Experts

All our customers gain access to our global support community, the Little Ones Village, housed in our mobile app. In this village, thousands of parents as well as our own certified Sleep Consultants are available to help you day and night, because we know how hard it can be trying to work things out alone.

Yes I want more sleep!

Inside our Sleep Program you will find:

  • Comprehensive information on your baby's sleep, including tackling overtiredness, catnapping, bedtime battles, night waking, awake windows, early waking, sleep associations, night weaning and more, from birth to 3 years old!
  • Videos to guide your use and understanding of our methods and our Sleep Program.
  • Age specific Sleeping and Feeding Schedules  to help you through your baby's day.
  • Your choice of settling and self-settling methods  that are age appropriate, responsive and effective. Don't worry - we have very gentle, no-cry methods.
  • Extensive troubleshooting  every step of the way, because we know some days are harder than others.

Let us give you...

Better Naps

Age-appropriate nap guides and detailed trouble-shooting to get your baby settling easier and napping for longer, at more predictable times.

Easier Settling

Learn how to best settle your baby and, if ready, gradually guide them to the skill of self-settling. You'll get our best settling techniques and a variety of proven, age-appropriate methods to choose from.

Better Night Sleep

Reduce your baby's night wakes naturally, simply by making positive changes to their day. Learn how to recognise the cause of night wakes and give your baby the best possible chance of sleeping well at night.

A Happier Baby

Your baby will be happier and more settled because they are getting the sleep they need! Babies love predictability to their day and your baby will thrive on a good natural pattern for sleeping and feeding.

Multiple Methods

"I came across Little Ones while in a desperate search for help getting my son to sleep. Being a doctor, I wanted a method that was evidence based, but didn't have time to do all of the research myself. Other programs offer a single way to settle your baby and a strict schedule to follow. Little Ones, on the other hand, provides parents with a schedule to follow, how to adjust it based on your baby's awake times, and multiple methods to settle your baby based on individual preference. My son is now a well-rested, much happier baby. I even bought the Nutrition program to go along with it! Thank You!" 

- Megan Clapp, M.D., M.P.H. Lubbock, Texas - USA

With Little Ones you'll discover:

Time Out

You'll be able to have a break while your baby is napping for decent lengths. Take the opportunity to have a relaxing shower, put your feet up or get on top of household tasks, because YOU are important too.

Your Evenings Back

When your baby goes down to sleep easily at 7PM, you'll have the whole evening to yourself. Spend time with your hubby or relax on the couch with the TV on - you choose. You've got time and THIS relationship matters as well.

Confidence to get Out & About

Knowing when your baby will need to nap is the easiest way to plan your day. You can organise outings for when you know your baby will be awake or plan to do their naps while you're on the go. The certainty of your day is very freeing.

More Sleep

You deserve sleep. We all do. With improvements to your baby's sleep comes better sleep for you. Start feeling well rested and ditch that shadow of sleep deprivation once and for all.

Endorsed & Accredited

Our Sleep Program has been created with the most reliable information and up-to-date methods and are trusted by over 200,000 families worldwide. Little Ones is an accredited member of the IACSC and is endorsed by Dr Kate Johnson, Ph.D. Sleep Physiology and postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Stanford Research International.

"As a Sleep Neurophysiologist I am always on the lookout for sound information about sleep to counter the enormous amount of terrible sleep advice that is out there! When you are exhausted and just trying to do the right thing by your baby and by yourself it can be very difficult to sort through it all. Once I discovered Little Ones, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Nicky and Amanda have written scientifically informed, yet easy to read Programs that cover all the major areas of concern for new parents - sleep, feeding and settling and, importantly, how these interact with one another. What I particularly love about the Little Ones strategies are that they are a more gentle alternative and can be tailored to your family so that you really see positive change to your baby's sleep."

IACSC Accredited

Little Ones is accredited by the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants.

Certified Sleep Consultants

All our staff are certified, professional Sleep Consultants.

Trusted Brand

Little Ones is trusted by thousands of families and medical professionals worldwide.

Accredited Training Provider

Little Ones is an accredited training provider with the IICT for our Sleep Consultant course.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Money Back Guarantee

75% of our customers report big improvements to their baby's sleep within 2 weeksof starting the Program. So if you try our Sleep Program, have sought guidance in the Village and, after 30 days, have not achieved the results you expect, we will give you a refund. We're that confident you'll see positive changes with your little one.

What our customers think

customer image

Kelly S

Little Ones Customer

I started using this program when my bub was 3 months old, she's now 4.5 months old. I was getting exhausted fighting her to go to sleep. It would take up to an hour of pacing, rocking and her screaming to get her to sleep. I got this program and it literally changed our lives the first day!!  We have benefited so much on this program and I've found it really easy to follow, understand and implement. She's started sleeping through the night from 7-7 and sometimes doesn't even wake for a feed. I can't thank you ladies enough for sharing your science. I now know how to understand and read my baby.

customer image

Laura N

Little Ones Customer

This program has helped us immensely. Organizing our day sleep has improved our nights! My 4 month old now sleeps from 7:30pm to 3am without waking! He is getting quality sleep throughout the day at the right time and is a happy baby all around! The advice and swift responses in the village are what really set this program apart - I don’t feel alone and know that I have support.

customer image

Natalie U

Little Ones Customer

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with building a schedule for their little one. The program has really helped us build a routine, that works, and regain some control. Prior to the program my little one only had 40 minute naps during the day, now she has a two hour nap at lunch time which is both important for my LO but also important for me, as I’m able to do some well needed mummy things or take a decent nap myself. Now we are moving on to the nutrition program. Weaning here we come!
Already recommended to friends.

customer image

Sarish H

Little Ones Customer

As new mother I found everything so overwhelming - so much different advice on how to care and put my little one to sleep. I was advised to let baby sleep as long as they like in the day, do not wake baby up as they won’t grow! Etc etc. Like this I found my little one partying the whole night long while sleeping most of the day. I was beginning to get frustrated and was already very exhausted from the difficult labour I had gone through. Since following the programme we have a perfect night sleep. This means I can get chores done have some me time and a good night sleep. I recommended this programme to all my friends and family and will definitely use it for my future babies. 

customer image

Jaimie R

Little Ones Customer

This programme has made a massive difference to our lives! Our son has gone from waking up every 1.5-2 hours to sleeping on average 9-10 hours straight a night and sleeping in his own crib for all naps. I feel like I have got some independence back and little things like having dinner with my husband every night and being able to do a work out while he has a morning nap have done wonders for my sanity and mood!

customer image

Diana M

Little Ones Customer

My three year old naturally fell into a routine that worked for us, so I was expecting the same from my newborn. I was so wrong. She was sleeping all day and then was up most of the night. I read her sleep cues wrong and I got her awake periods wrong. I kept thinking things would get better on their own but of course they didn’t, I had to make some changes but didn’t know what. I saw a few ads from Little Ones on Facebook and after another bad night bought the program thinking what have I got to lose. Things changed for the better very quickly. I bought the program when my daughter was 9 weeks old and saw improvements in a matter of days. It took a couple of weeks for all sleeps to fall into place. She also became a much more happier and relaxed baby from following the routine. The support from the ‘village’ is excellent. The resources are great and the program is very simple to follow. I’m very pleased to have bought this program that supports me (and our family) as my baby’s needs change.