The one guarantee with your little one’s sleep is that it is always changing.

And you know this, because you’re here seeking solutions for the next stage of your little one’s sleep journey.

We’ve got you.

You’ve been with us before so you know the awesome content you have access to in our app!

  • Daily age appropriate schedules and reminders
  • A wealth of information on sleep, wellbeing and nutrition
  • Your choice of settling and self-settling methods
  • Detailed troubleshooting
  • Meal plans, shopping lists and recipes
  • Toilet training guide
  • Access to our certified sleep consultants, and a support network of thousands of other parents, day and night, in the Little Ones Village

*and you can cancel the Program at any time


What sleep stage is your little one in now?


This beautiful age can come with its challenges, even if your little one was previously sleeping like, well, a baby.

Jump back into our Program and…

  • Get your baby's circadian rhythm back on track to establish excellent napping patterns.
  • Revisit how to easily settle your baby to sleep.
  • Achieve longer chunks of uninterrupted night sleep.
  • Find the perfect daily nap and feed schedule for your little one.
  • Stay on top of your baby's rapid development at this newborn age.
  • Eliminate the "witching hour".
  • Stay in touch when you need help with our huge Village community.

"This has given me all the information I needed to know about my little guy's sleep and how to get him to become a better sleeper. He sleeps in his own bassinet, has a 7 hour stint with waking only once a night to feed! This is huge! He sleeps like a champ. I highly recommend this program!" - Caitlyn


This is arguably one of the trickiest periods of sleep for your little one - there is just so much change! But knowledge is power right? 

So come back with us and...

  • Lock in great naps - now is the perfect time.
  • Learn how to survive the big 4 month and 8 month sleep regressions to come.
  • Revisit our various self-settling methods and choose the one that works best for your family.
  • Help your baby sleep through the night.
  • Find the perfect daily nap and feed schedule for your little one.
  • Learn how and when to start solids with our comprehensive nutrition program.
  • Ask for help right when you need it with our supportive Village community.

"I was exhausted and needed a solution. I found the Little Ones program and started it the next day. I saw improvement after 3 days! She is sleeping through the night and she falls asleep on her own. I am a happier rested momma and she is a happier rested baby. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone!" - Nikki


Just when you think you’ve got this sleep thing sorted, toddlerdom hits! And it can hit hard. Beyond 12 months old, your little person is going to go through some massive developmental leaps and good sleep is crucial to absolutely everything.

So join our Program again and...

  • Help your little one master their daytime sleep and, eventually, drop it altogether. Naps are still really important.
  • Check out our self-settling methods and choose one that works best for your family.
  • Learn how to help your child sleep through the night at any age.
  • Find the perfect daily nap and meal schedule for your little one.
  • Nip those sneaky bedtime tricks in the bud with our detailed strategies.
  • Learn how to toilet train your toddler in under a week.
  • Nutrition is crucial to assist your child's rapid development at this time; we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive nutrition program
  • Find your people (and all the answers) in our supportive Village community.

"Dropping naps is always a minefield and a struggle but with this programme we've been able to navigate our way through that period with little to no issues. I'm thrilled there is a programme that can take us beyond the first year and help us continue to to encourage good sleep habits for the entire family. A very worthy investment. Highly recommend it for any parent." - Stacey

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Kelly S

I started using this program when my bub was 3 months old, she's now 4.5 months old. I was getting exhausted fighting her to go to sleep. It would take up to an hour of pacing, rocking and her screaming to get her to sleep. I got this program and it literally changed our lives the first day!!  We have benefited so much on this program and I've found it really easy to follow, understand and implement. She's started sleeping through the night from 7-7 and sometimes doesn't even wake for a feed. I can't thank you ladies enough for sharing your science. I now know how to understand and read my baby.

customer image

Laura N

This program has helped us immensely.Organizing our day sleep has improved our nights! My 4 month old now sleeps from 7:30pm to 3am without waking! He is getting quality sleep throughout the day at the right time and is a happy baby all around! The advice and swift responses in the village are what really set this program apart - I don’t feel alone and know that I have support.

customer image

Natalie U

I would definitely recommend this programto anyone who is struggling with building a schedule for their little one. The program has really helped us build a routine, that works, and regain some control. Prior to the program my little one only had 40 minute naps during the day, now she has a two hour nap at lunch time which is both important for my LO but also important for me, as I’m able to do some well needed mummy things or take a decent nap myself. Now we are moving on to the nutrition program. Weaning here we come!
Already recommended to friends.

customer image

Sarish H

As new mother I found everything so overwhelming- so much different advice on how to care and put my little one to sleep. I was advised to let baby sleep as long as they like in the day, do not wake baby up as they won’t grow! Etc etc. Like this I found my little one partying the whole night longwhile sleeping most of the day. I was beginning to get frustratedand was already very exhausted from the difficult labour I had gone through. Since following the programme we have a perfect night sleep. This means I can get chores done have some me timeand a good night sleep. I recommended this programme to all my friends and family and will definitely use it for my future babies. 

customer image

Jaimie R

This programme has made a massive difference to our lives!Our son has gone from waking up every 1.5-2 hours to sleeping on average 9-10 hours straight a night and sleeping in his own crib for all naps. I feel like I have got some independence back and little things like having dinner with my husband every night and being able to do a work out while he has a morning nap have done wonders for my sanity and mood!

customer image

Diana M

My three year old naturally fell into a routine that worked for us, so I was expecting the same from my newborn. I was so wrong. She was sleeping all day and then was up most of the night. I read her sleep cues wrong and I got her awake periods wrong. I kept thinking things would get better on their own but of course they didn’t, I had to make some changes but didn’t know what. I saw a few ads from Little Ones on Facebook and after another bad night bought the program thinking what have I got to lose. Things changed for the better very quickly.I bought the program when my daughter was 9 weeks old and saw improvements in a matter of days. It took a couple of weeks for all sleeps to fall into place. She also became a much more happier and relaxed baby from following the routine. The support from the ‘village’ is excellent. The resources are great and the program is very simple to follow. I’m very pleased to have bought this program that supports me (and our family) as my baby’s needs change.

Baby's sleep improved within 2 weeks


Overall sleep success rate


Confidence as a parent has increased