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  • Chore by age

    Some ideas to get your kids helping out around the house!

  • Bedtime reward chart

    Make bedtime easier with this reward chart which has pre-filled events.

  • Chore Chart

    Your little ones will love doing their chores when they get rewards on this cute chart! It has blank spaces for you to add their chores.

  • Blank charts

    Create your own bedtime or reward chart with these blank templates.

  • Feelings in my body

    Help your child to listen to and connect with where feelings occur in their body. This is a great activity to teach them about recognising their emotions.

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    • Our secret formula for sleep success
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    • How to help your baby sleep through the night
    • Self-settling methods that do not have to involve crying
    • When and how to start solids with your little one
    • How to easily settle your baby to sleep
    • Support available from Certified Sleep Consultants in our Little Ones Village and 24/7 instant answers with our chatbot Lee.