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What is your current sleep challenge?

Night Waking

Night Waking

When your little one isn't sleeping at night, no one is sleeping. That sort of sleep deprivation, long term, is really really tough. We know because we've been there too!

Inside our app you will find solutions to whatever is causing your little one's disrupted nights, whether they're due to:

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    Habit waking
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    Inability to self-settle
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    Poor sleep environment
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    Wanting to feed or be rocked all night
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    Day/night confusion
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    Developmental/sleep regressions

Whatever your current sleep situation, we've got the tools, the information and the personalised support to help you and your little one reclaim those nights.

"Being able to get instant advice, troubleshooting and support on contingency plans when our routine goes awry is incredible. In only a few short weeks, my 4 month old has gone from only sleeping in 30 minute bursts during the day and he is now sleeping 12.5 hours overnight and is the most settled and happy he has ever been. I feel like I have my sanity back and I can be the calm, supportive mum that I want to be for my baby"

~ Rachael, Australia

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Sleep is so important for your little one.

We started this company and developed our app because we believe that everyone deserves good sleep. We know how crucial decent sleep is, not only to a baby's health and development, but also to the dynamics of a family, to a mother's mental health, to the functioning of relationships.

And so we wrote a sleep manual.

Our sleep solutions have been researched and written using the most up to date information and methods on the complex world of children's sleep

Sleep is also important for you.

When we're sleep deprived, everything is harder; parenting, our relationships, even day to day tasks and running the household. If your little one is sleeping well, so are you and this means you're able to be a more confident, relaxed parent and really enjoy this journey you're on.

Let us help you achieve better sleep for your whole family

Researched & Evidence-Based

The comprehensive advice in our app has been thoroughly researched and cross-checked by professionals including paediatricians and sleep neurophysiologists. We only use evidence-based information because we know you want to use the best advice for your children.

Trusted by 200,000 Families

We have now helped over 200,000 families worldwide achieve better sleep. Among our customers are Doctors, Paediatricians, Nurses, Midwives and other medical professionals who trust our advice and methods.


With our app you can guarantee you're getting the best and most age-appropriate information. Our guidance and advice adapts as your baby grows, so you're always on top of sleep regressions and nap transitions, and therefore far better prepared.

Global Support

You should never feel alone in your parenting journey, and we've got an entire global village of parents to support you. Inside our Village you can seek help from our Certified Sleep Consultants as well as thousands of other parents, many of whom are in the same boat as you.

IACSC Accredited

Little Ones is accredited by the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants.

Certified Sleep Consultants

All our staff are certified, professional Sleep Consultants.

Trusted Brand

Little Ones is trusted by thousands of families and medical professionals worldwide.

Accredited Training Provider

Little Ones is an accredited training provider with the IICT for our Sleep Consultant course.

Let’s hear what they say

Nicola K.

Excellent programme. Easy meal idea’s really are easy and take only a few minutes to prepare. Even on days I don’t have something prepared for all my LO’s meal throughout the day, I am confident I’ll be able to prepare all snacks and meals with what I have in the press and fridge. When we started solids, I was nervous to introduce high allergens foods but I felt confident with the programme. Tara is also very quick to respond to any questions I might have, and knowing her qualifications makes me happy that I’m getting the best advice.

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Leia V.

I really love following the app and I wish I had started using little ones sooner it’s really been such a great help. My son is 9 months old as was waking every 2 hours during the night, he now only wakes twice. We followed the sleep training for fed to sleep as this was his sleep association and we used the 5am habit wake training which was fab too, these methods have just been a life saver and although we’re not quite down to one or no wakes at night I am happy with our progress. I could do more sleep training during the night which I will start soon but I am happy with our progress and he now goes straight down for all naps and doesn’t even cry! Just settles down to sleep himself! Leanne a sleep consultant has been there through out my difficulties and worries and has guided me through them all she’s a star! Thank you little ones I now have a happy and rested 9 month old and am looking forward to the next part with confidence and ease.

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Zoe S.

Amazing!! After 5 days of following your program fairly closely, my little one went from waking every 45 minutes (and often feeding) to sleeping through the night! Unbelievable! He is my third baby and I think your program really adjusted what I was doing with him and making it more appropriate for his age. I was so used to just feeding him and putting him to sleep when it was convenient, and it had such a great outcome by shifting the focus to him, to get him sleeping better at night. He’s waking at 5am but I’ll have a go at stretching that out a bit soon too. Thanks so much guys! Great program!!

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