Newborn Sleep Program (0-3 Months)

This Program is instantly available upon purchase, inside our mobile app and by logging in to the customer section on our website.

Is your baby...

~ catnapping in the day
~ difficult to settle for naps and at bedtime
~ sleeping well in the day but is up all night
~ refusing to settle or sleep in their own bed
~ waking 15-20 minutes after being put to bed
~ crying and unsettled in their awake periods
~ having an unsettled period in the early evening - the “witching hour”
~ waking every 2 hours overnight when they were previously sleeping longer stretches need this Program

    It contains our holistic and responsive approach to baby sleep, made up of extremely comprehensive information, proven sleep and settling methods, nap patterns & explanatory videos:

    • 0-3 Month Sleeping and Feeding Schedules
    • Detailed notes & troubleshooting
    • FAQs
    • 0-3 Month Settling Guides, which assist you to get your baby to sleep.
    • Videos which guide your use and understanding of our Sleep Programs.
    • Extensive information about your baby’s sleep, including:
      Awake times
      Early waking
      Advice for babies with reflux & colic
      Sleep associations
      Sleep regressions

      You will never be alone...

      Purchase of this Program will give you FREE access to our exclusive support group, the Little Ones™ Village, in our custom-built mobile app. In this Village, thousands of mothers from all over the world as well as our certified Sleep Consultants are able to help and support you at any time of the day or night.

      * This free support is only available in the app. The app requires iOS v 11 or later, Android 4.0 or later.

      Improvements guaranteed

      75% of our customers report big improvements to their baby's sleep within 2 weeks of starting the Program.

      If you try our Sleep Program, have sought guidance in the Support Group and, after 30 days, have not achieved the results you expect, we will give you a refund.

      Instant access

      Your Sleep Program is available to you straight after purchase so you can get started on making improvements to your little one's sleep straight away.

      The experts agree...

      Little Ones is accredited by the IACSC and our Sleep Programs are endorsed and recommended by Dr Kate Johnson, Ph.D. Sleep Physiology and postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Stanford Research International. She says:

      "I am blown away by your comprehensive body of work. What I particularly love about the Little Ones strategies are that they are a more gentle alternative and can be tailored to your family so that you really see positive change to your baby's sleep."

      All our research links and a full bibliography can be found here.

      Over 100,000 families worldwide are experiencing better sleep

      "I was skeptical at first with this program. But so far so good. We are on day three with my 8 week baby and she has slept 7-7 the past two nights (waking once to eat as expected for a newborn). I like the program as I am still able to breastfeed my baby on demand while ensuring she gets the right ratio of asleep to awake times. Very happy with my decision and I like the fact that I am still following my baby's cues, not forcing her to a routine with no flexibility." - Hannah from Australia


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