This tired mother had tried everything...

CASE STUDY: this tired mother had tried everything, with no success...

Oliver's sleep story...

Oliver's mum, Anna, didn't understand what she was doing wrong. She was putting Oliver (4 months) down for his naps after 1hr and 45 minutes awake time but it would take at least 30 minutes to settle him to sleep! He wouldn't nap in his cot at all and even when he was being held, he wouldn't nap for longer than 30 minutes.

Oliver wouldn't settle at night time until his parents went to bed, around 9/10 PM, and Anna had resorted to co-sleeping, just to try get some rest! Even then, he was waking every 90 minutes overnight and needed to be fed back to sleep each time.

I knew I was not doing my baby's naps and sleep justice. I could tell because it was such a battle. I was exhausted and couldn't see how things would improve. We didn't want to co-sleep, but that was the only way anyone was getting sleep!

Anna had tried following all the "recommended" advice available out there on the internet about awake times and settling but nothing changed. She read all the popular baby sleep books, but these usually failed by 9:30am when Oliver woke early from the morning nap. Once that happened, Anna could never recover the day and felt like a failure.

She tried just rolling with the co-sleeping, however, after 2 weeks of that and all night feeding, Anna just couldn't handle it anymore... then felt guilty because she couldn't handle it!

The final straw was calling a sleep school and being told that she had to wait 2 months for a phone consultation. Anna needed a solution NOW!

She hung up the phone to the sleep school and jumped straight on the Little Ones website after seeing our ad pop up on Facebook. Anna had often read our articles as they popped up on her newsfeed and they always rang true to her, so she purchased our Baby Sleep Program.

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Within 2 days of implementing the advice in our program, Oliver was sleeping in his cot and only taking 5 minutes to settle to sleep! Anna realised that she had been putting Oliver to bed for his naps too early, without him having enough awake time to be really ready for sleep, and this meant he was undertired and only napping in short stints all day.

I did ridiculous amounts of internet searching which all pointed to awake times that, I know now, were way too short and that lead to an undertired cycle of messy naps. I cannot count the hours lost trying to responsively resettle my baby, with long sessions of ssh-patting while he screamed in his cot because he just wasn't ready to sleep!

Oliver's catnapping was also contributing to his poor night time sleep, as was his very strong dependance on co-sleeping and being fed to sleep.

Anna felt that co-sleeping wasn't sustainable for her and her baby, so with the help of our gentle settling methods, she was able to guide Oliver towards self-settling and sleeping in his own cot. She was able to achieve this without any of the harsher "sleep training" methods suggested in the previous books and routines she'd tried.

Oliver's newfound settling ability had a positive impact on his napping and night time sleep almost straight away! Now, 2 months later, he settles himself to sleep within a minute of Anna putting him in his cot and leaving the room. He also sleeps through most nights from 7pm till 7am.

"I now feel empowered. I don't obsess over my baby's feeding and sleeping. I have all the knowledge I need. I am a confident mother with a well rested, healthy family. Oliver has always been happy but he is probably even happier now! And now he has predictable, consistent and happy parents; that has to be good for him. Our lives changed the day I bought this Program!"

Anna was struggling to find reliable sleep advice which worked for her baby and, as a result, spent months second-guessing herself and stressing over Oliver's sleep.

Our Little Ones App can help to take the stress out of your baby's sleep, with evidence-based and age-appropriate sleep solutions that actually work! Start your journey to better sleep today.

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