Better sleep within a week

CASE STUDY: Better sleep within a week!

Cooper's sleep story...

Newborn baby Cooper, at just 4 weeks old, was napping well in the day but come night time, his mom Elizabeth was struggling to get him to sleep. He was waking frequently, wanting to feed, then resisting going back to sleep afterwards.

During the day, Cooper would nap in the living room in his sleeping bag, usually after a short amount of awake time. They didn't really have a routine, Cooper would just drop off to sleep whenever he wanted. Elizabeth wished it could be that easy at night time too!

I knew I could improve Cooper's sleep but I didn’t know how or where to start. We were in lockdown in the UK, with no visits or support from anyone and that’s a lonely world with a newborn. Google is useful but there’s too many conflicting ideas out there and I wanted someone I could trust and get support from.

Luckily, Elizabeth found our Little Ones App, which ticked all the boxes! After downloading the app, she found some quick changes that she could make straight away. She swapped Cooper’s sleeping bag for a swaddle to help him feel more snug and suppress the startle reflex that can often cause newborns to wake.

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Instead of doing Cooper's naps in living room, she moved him to a dark room and started playing white noise. In fact, Elizabeth was such a fan of our magic Baby Sleep Shhh track that it became her top listen on Spotify!

Next, Elizabeth started to work on extending Cooper’s awake times, as she quickly realised that he wasn’t staying awake for long enough during the day. This made him undertired, which meant that come night time, he was wide awake and ready to party!

Within a week, Cooper had settled into his new sleep pattern. Now that he was having more awake time between naps, he was more tired at night which helped him to sleep for longer. When he did wake, he’d have a quick feed and was then ready to go back to sleep.

He fell into the schedule from when he was 5 weeks old, I had only been trying it for a week! It was seamless and as the schedule evolved and adapted, he did too.

Since Cooper was in such a good rhythm with his day sleep, Elizabeth decide to start using our signature Side-Settling Method to get Cooper to sleep in his bassinet, which he took to straight away. Gradually, she was able to wean him off this and start giving him more opportunities to self-settle to sleep.

Elizabeth's hard work paid off because by 12 weeks, Cooper was self-settling AND sleeping through the night. Almost a year later, she is happy to report that Cooper is STILL sleeping all night long!

Elizabeth says:

I have recommended this program to many other new moms. It was a real life changer for me. I feel like I know exactly what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, and if I need to know anything I just go onto the app. The Village response from the sleep experts is fast and I couldn’t ask for any more. Out of all the products I’ve bought with a newborn baby during his whole first year, this is my top buy. I would rather live without nappies than Little Ones!

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