Overwhelmed as a new mom

CASE STUDY: overwhelmed as a new mom & struggling with sleep

Nov 2, 2021
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 *this is a case study from a real-life mother who reached out for help. We share our case studies in the hope it may help other mums who are in the same, or similar, situations. Not everyone parents in the same way, so please do not judge, criticize or demean these mothers and the parenting choices they have made in the best interests of their babies and their families. 


Baby: Septimus

Age: 12 weeks

Mother: Vianca

Room: swaddle, night light

Naps: no set or predictable nap timings or lengths

Setting: co-sleeping



As a first time mom, I was anxious of how to take care of my baby. Of course I wanted only the best for him but I lacked physical support from my mother and other family members because they're in another country. The first few weeks with a newborn in the house were definitely overwhelming. Luckily my husband has always been supportive, though I knew he was also uncertain about baby sleep matters. Like any mom, I was sleep deprived not only because I had to breastfeed my son every 2 hours, but because I was in a guessing game as to what his every cry meant. To be honest, I was going on each day taking care of my newborn like a headless chicken. I didn't know what the most appropriate, if not the best, length of sleep was that a baby should get. I only knew he should be sleeping a lot of the time, and he wasn't.

I struggled through by doing online research about babies' naps, sleep, routines, etc. I came across Little Ones on Facebook and bought their Baby Sleep Program in the hope it would help us get more predictability to our day, and more sleep.

It only took around 3 weeks before Septimus was sleeping much better! Now, his body seems to know when it's nap time during the day and he falls asleep easily and on cue! My son is breastfed and was fed to sleep and now, at 22 weeks old, he's also got the hang of self-settling without having to cry. 

Because of the predictability of my son's nap, sleep and awake times, my husband and I are able to arrange errands, household chores and social functions around his schedule; otherwise, I tweak his schedule to fit a specific day/night event. As a control freak, I am very pleased with this predictability despite a massive adjustment in our lifestyle having a new member of the family. 

I now feel like my son is being a "responsible baby" because he knows what will happen next in our routine! After winding down, when I put him in his crib, I can just leave him right away without drama! He can put himself to sleep in less than 5 minutes!



Being a new mother is extremely hard, especially if you don't have a solid support network around you. There is a lot of conflicting advice out there around awake windows, settling techniques and best sleep practices. Vianca was struggling with the lack of predictability to her day and this, coupled with continued sleep deprivation, can make motherhood a frustrating experience. Through our Sleep Program we were able to help Septimus get more structure to his day which massively improved his settling, napping and night time sleep. Vianca was also able to gradually guide her baby away from being fed to sleep and he learnt how to fall asleep independently, without any crying! Of equal importance is that being rested and in a better head-space also improved Vianca's whole experience of motherhood.


"I would just like to thank you, Amanda & Nicky, for sharing this whole program. For a first time mom like myself, this program has boosted my confidence to provide my son the utmost care - with methods that are backed with scientific logic. It is empowering to be able to predict a baby's sleep behaviour! More than my baby's sleep journey, it is MY journey as a mother that has been made wonderful through the support of Little Ones Sleep Program & Village. Hats off to you, ladies!"


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