Kate Wood

Kate wears a lot of hats in Little Ones. She started as one of the Sleep Consultants in 2017 following the birth of her son. She loves supporting families who are going through a challenging time to help improve their little one’s sleep. Since then Kate has taken on further roles including becoming a Content Writer and AI Administrator helping to further develop Little One’s chatbot Lee. 

Kate graduated from the University of Brighton in 2009 with a Bachelors Degree in Primary Education, specialising in Advanced Early Years. 

Alongside her work with Little Ones Kate is a primary school teacher and has taught for 12 years. She loves teaching children, seeing that spark of understanding when a child grasps a new concept and supporting parents to further their child’s education. She believes passionately in education and works with families to support their child’s language and communication development outside of the classroom. 

Kate lives with her partner Oliver and is mother to two children - Seth (4) and Violet (6 months). They live in Kent, in the South East of England. Her hobbies include baking, swimming, reading and most recently completing a British Sign Language qualification. 

“As someone who is very organised and in control, becoming a mother was a shock to my system. Everything was chaotic and completely out of my control. I found this much harder to deal with than I expected. I thought babies just slept when they were tired, fed like a dream and didn’t do much else in the early days. Boy was I wrong! 

I became obsessed with Googling, worrying that there was something wrong with my baby. Why wouldn’t he just sleep?! I vividly remember going to a baby massage class and the instructor asked us to fill in some information about our baby’s sleep. My son and I were then used as an example of what ‘bad baby sleep’ looked like. I was mortified. 

I stumbled across Little Ones one very long night at about 3am when my son was only a couple of months old. Safe to say we didn’t have the easiest start, Seth had silent reflux and CMPA which I only found out about thanks to Little Ones. Once this was under control his sleep improved so much and soon he was the ‘dream baby’ everyone wanted their baby to be like. 

Now as a second time mother I have enjoyed motherhood much more. I know more about what to expect thanks to Little Ones. It gave me the confidence to be the mother I wanted to be with Seth and continue to be with Violet. Knowledge really is power.”