Data Deletion Request

Here at LittleOnes, we respect your right to privacy and control over your data. If you signed up for a LittleOnes account and would like to delete your account and all associated data, you may use the form below to request an account deletion.

Data we store:

  • User basic information e.g. name, email
  • Information about your little ones e.g. name, date of birth
  • Your little ones tracker data
  • Purchases & log of purchase-related activity
  • Log of important activities like updating password, changing email for security purposes
  • Information about how you use the app
  • Village posts and comments
  • Likes, follows in the village

Steps to delete your account:

  1. Submit the form below
  2. Receive a confirmation request from our technical team within 24 hours (working days)
  3. Confirm the deletion request
  4. Deletion request is processed by the LittleOnes technical team within 7 days and you will receive an email when data clean up is completed.