Village Guidelines

Please review the Village Guidelines before making a new post. By choosing to post, you are agreeing to these guidelines.

By joining this Village you agree to adhere to the following Terms and Conditions:


Access to this Village is restricted to people who have purchased our Sleep Programs and it is the expectation that the members of this Village are CURRENTLY using/following our Programs.

  1. 1. Customers working as sleep consultants or owning/working in similar industries will be admitted to or removed from the Village at Admin’s discretion.
  2. 2. This Village is a safe place where we support each other in a positive way with our babies’ sleep while using the Little Ones Sleep Programs
  3. 3. We want to foster an atmosphere where our members are working with one another to provide advice and support, so please consider giving back to the Village by helping others once you have achieved sleep success.
  4. 4. Little Ones consultants will respond to questions and/or comments where an admin response is deemed required, however our consultants work around their own families, there can sometimes be a delay - this can be up to 24 hrs. If a post has received an answer from another villager which covers what the consultant would have advised they will like or love the response.
  5. 5. You may not advertise, sell, or promote anything in the Village. The exception is product recommendations purely from a non-commercial POV.
  6. 6. Please do not direct message any of the admins personally through other means (eg, Facebook Messenger). Personal direct messages will not be answered.
  7. 7. Please ask questions and comment on posts to the Village only, so that everyone can benefit. We discourage giving advice through private messages outside of the App, or using private messages to avoid Village rules.
  8. 8. Do not share copyrighted information (e.g. downloads or Program content).
  9. 9. Please treat all comments by any member or consultant in this group as confidential.
  10. 10. In the interests of protecting our company and the thousands of parents who these Programs have been successful for, we would appreciate any issues or complaints to be directed to Little Ones via email rather than posted on outside groups or forums so we can address your concerns personally. Negative or defamatory posts in outside groups/forums, for example Facebook groups, may result in the member being removed from this support group.
  11. 11. We take pride in our products and have designed them with care to seek to ensure they are suitable for the majority of our customers. Products are provided on the basis that they are used in accordance with their terms – if you choose not to follow all or part of the information or Program, then the product may not work for you, however Little Ones is not accountable for the products not working for you in this case.
  12. 12. If you are not following our Programs anymore we ask you please refrain from commenting on posts and remove yourself from the Village.
  13. 13. We reserve the right to remove any post or comment from the Village if we determine it is unhelpful, argumentative, judgemental, counter-productive or not helping towards a solution.

  14. 14. We support parents' decisions and so should you. As you participate in the Village, trust parents to know what is best for their families, no matter what method they are using or how old their child is. We support parents feeding choices without judgement, as should all our members.
  15. 15. There are to be NO comments or posts of a judgmental or argumentative nature or trolling, especially around the topics of breastfeeding/bottle or formula feeding, solids or weaning. These are topics, conversations and decisions between a mum and her paediatrician.
  16. 16. Any inappropriate or abusive comments or posts will be removed and may result in the member being removed from the Village in extreme situations. 
  17. 17. Please refrain from using profanity in posts or comments, Our Village is a safe & respectful space and the use of such language will not be tolerated.
  18. 18. Any comments or posts which reflect negatively on other company’s products or services will be removed.

  19. 19. Always refer to your program first, The program will answer the majority of questions so this is your first port of call, if you need further help then please post in the village.
  20. 20.  If your baby experiences sudden waking or a sudden change, check the “Sudden Changes to your baby’s day/night” section within your Program. If it is continuing with no apparent cause please post in the Village for further troubleshooting. 
  21. 21. Please stay ON TOPIC in posts. We will delete posts that are not specific to baby sleep, feeding or to our Programs. The exception to this is the Social Village.
  22. 22. In your posts or comments please do not:
    - refer to any sleep method as being cruel or harmful (because what isn't right for you may be right for someone else).
    - suggest a minimum age for any method of sleep training or toilet training (because we trust parents to know what their babies/toddlers can handle). 
    - weigh in on whether or not a parent should night wean or toilet train (that's between parents and their paediatricians; discussing HOW to night wean or toilet train, once a parent has decided to do so, is fine)
    - advise a parent to ignore the advice of their paediatrician. - question a mother's feeding choice for her infant. This includes milk and solids.
    - advise or encourage someone to "give up" on using the Little Ones Programs, just because you might have. Please refer to #14.
    - state or link contradictory information than what is in the Little Ones Programs (this confuses people and quite often such links are not peer-reviewed academic studies but opinion pieces with no evidential weighting).  
  23. 23. The sharing of SCREENSHOTS of posts from this Village is prohibited. Doing so will result in an immediate BAN
  24. 24. There is to be no posting links to outside blogs or articles without admin approval. To get approval please email
  25. 25. Posts in the village will be automatically deleted 2 years after posting.

Little One’s admins are:

Jennifer Watson - Sleep Consultant
Michele Forrester - Sleep Consultant
Brooke Woods - Sleep Consultant
Patience Tauchira - Sleep Consultant
Josephine Cavallo - Sleep Consultant
Jenna Salt - Sleep Consultant 

Megan Adamson - Customer Experience Manager
Grace Villareal - Customer Support

Amanda Snedden - Founder & Director of Little Ones
Nicky Barker - Founder & Director of Little Ones
Rhyanna Culley - General Manager