Toddler toes

Toddler Toes

This morning I thought it would be a good idea to get out of the house – I had an inkling that I might be in for a rubbish morning. Millicent must be a little under the weather as she slept in until 7.30am. On the other hand Mackenzie woke at 5.30am sneezing and coughing; not a great start to the day. So definitely time to get out with the toddler, knowing she will be grumpy.

Toddler Toes is on today. Great. Millicent loves dancing. I had asked Millicent if she needed to go to the toilet before getting in the car, “No wees mummy”. I set her up with Peppa on my ipad so she kept quiet while Mackenzie had a sleep. Perfect.

Mackenzie had her cuddly and was already sucking her thumb. Perfect.

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Oh how I was wrong; this is when the perfect storm started brewing. We drove the loooooong way to dancing, so Mackenzie could have a nap in the car and we would still make it on time.

We were driving up the motorway, Mackenzie still wasn’t asleep, I thought that was strange, but kept driving. She started to cry a little (she never does this in the car), kept driving, started to cry more and now we are stuck in TRAFFIC!! Perfect. Crying, tired, sick baby and there is TRAFFIC!

I kept on driving knowing that she was well due for her nap and should definitely sleep. She yawned. Thumb sucking again. Yuss!


Baby slightly asleep. Looking good. Toddler yells over the top of her headphones, “WEES mummy!” Far out!! Baby awake and crying and she now gets the hiccups!!!

Diving in traffic, toddler yelling, baby screaming! Oh my gosh, kill me now! I now realise the paracetamol that I gave the baby at 5.30am has run out and she hadn’t fed well at 7am so was probably a bit hungry, typical, that’s why she’s not sleeping. I wish I’d bought the Shusher. She definitely would be asleep.

AHHHHHH The shusher app! Perfect. While trying to tell Millicent to use her quiet voice, I quickly pull over to grab my phone and put Shusher on. Ahhh the soothing sound of shhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It nearly puts me to sleep (I did not go back to sleep at 5.30am unfortunately).

Finally two minutes of the shusher and the baby is asleep!! Thank goodness. Toddler yells again “food mummy”. Seriously? Thankfully baby did not wake this time. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Get to dancing and Mackenzie has only been asleep for 10 minutes but now Millicent really needs to wee. I get out of the car, grab the porta potty out of the boot, grab Millicent out of the car, turn off beloved peppa, protest crying, get wipes I’d forgotten to get when i got the potty, put portapotty down, hidden by bushes next to the car. Put toddler on potty. Check baby still asleep. Shhhhhhhhhhh Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

“No wees mummy!” Bimmin typical.

Pack up the potty, put toddler back in the driver’s seat to wait for another few minutes before dancing while I put potty back in boot. Toddler now pushing every button in sight, radio is now on, Justin Bieber full boar, more button pushing, she trying to start the car, thank goodness her little legs don’t also reach the break. But her hands reach the horn!! Toot toooot. Indicators on, navigation on. I’m of course stuck in the boot trying to keep the double pram from falling out with the ten million adapter options I have for the pram. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhh. Thank goodness baby still asleep. Oh no just kidding! Millicent has now climbed through the middle and is almost climbing into the capsule with Mackenzie.

Ahhhh well time for Toddler Toes anyway……..

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