shorts naps. late bedtime improved

CASE STUDY: Short naps, late bedtime, frequent night waking easily improved!

Feb 23, 2022
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*this is a case study from a real-life mother who reached out for help. We share our case studies in the hope it may help other mums who are in the same, or similar, situations. Not everyone parents in the same way, so please do not judge, criticize or demean these mothers and the parenting choices they have made in the best interests of their babies and their families. 


Baby: Florence

Age: 10 weeks

Mother: Karen

Naps: No real nap predictability

Room: Swaddle


We hadn’t managed to get Florence in to any sort of nap routine. We’d tried another  program/routine but it really hadn’t worked for us and we were spending hours trying to get Florence to sleep as soon as she yawned. We had gone back to just letting her nap as and when she wanted to, which wasn’t very often, and only resulted in a very grumpy baby by the evening.

We would try to get her down for the night around 8 PM, but usually after serious battling she would eventually fall asleep around midnight. She was then waking 3-4 times in the night most nights.

We were exhausted. We dreaded bedtimes and wondered when we were ever going to eat a meal together again or have our evenings back! I wasn’t really enjoying motherhood at that point so was looking for something to help. It was in the middle of the night during one of my many hours awake when things were feeling very bleak that I saw an advert for Little Ones on Facebook.

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It was amazing! Within 2 days Florence went to sleep at 7 PM, I did a dream feed and then she only woke once in the night. We had our evenings back! She would go down for naps without a battle and then during her awake periods, was a much happier baby. 

She struggled with the awake times in the Program initially and was a bit grumpy when it was getting close to nap times, but that quickly improved. 

She’s 5 months now and she usually sleeps 7 PM - 7 AM with the dream feed. She started self-settling, so the 4 month sleep regression didn’t need really seem to affect her compared to her other baby friends. I can put her in her sleeping bag, dark room, white noise on, put her down and walk out and 9 times out of 10 she’ll just go to sleep! She’s a very contented baby now.

What's more we have our evenings back and life is so much better now we are all getting a good night sleep! I also find the days much easier with some structure in them, and so does Florence.


Babies change very very quickly in the first few months of their lives and their sleep needs also change this quickly. Little Florence was being put to bed for her naps before she was totally ready, not having had enough awake time to allow her to then nap for a decent amount of time. This is quite common because the generic advice out there recommends awake times that are far too short and don't account for the rapid growth in babies this age. Florence's unsettled evenings and frequent night waking was all due to the awake times and nap structure in her day.

Once Karen was able to stretch out her baby's awake times as per our Sleep Program, Florence started napping much better straight away and it positively impacted her night-time sleep too. This change happened in a matter of days and without any sort of harsh or regimented "sleep training".

Because Florence was being offered sleep at the right times and in the right conditions, she was able to learn to fall asleep independently because she was perfectly ready to. This meant she sailed through the 4 month sleep regression and she has now got the sleep skills she needs to see her through years and years of good sleeping.

"My favourite thing about the Program is how comprehensive it is, so if things don’t go to plan you know what to do instead. We’ve recommended it to all our friends!"

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