Perfect Sounds for Baby Sleep Album

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    Baby Sleep Shhh

    Baby Sleep White Noise

    Baby Sleep Rain

    Baby Sleep Brown Noise

    Baby Sleep Raindrops

    Baby Sleep Waves

    Baby Sleep Babbling Brook

    Baby Sleep Heartbeat

    Baby Sleep Soothing Water


    These tracks are available as an album on Apple Music or iTunes, Google PlayStore, Amazon Music and Spotify. Click the links above to access the album!

    White noise is one of the best tools to help your baby settle and stay asleep because it is designed to mimic their womb experience and initiates the calming reflex in young babies. Your baby isn’t used to being in a silent room – they are used to sounds of over 90 decibels in utero!  

    Gentle white noise helps block out other environmental sounds that might startle or wake a sleeping baby, so your little one is able to sleep deeper and for longer.

    It is also extremely effective for older children or even adults who struggle to switch off and go to sleep!

    These audio tracks are the perfect, calming sounds to encourage sleep. The white noise should be played loud (about as loud as a shower), on repeat to help your baby at all their sleeps.   



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