Multiples Sleep Program

    This Program is instantly available upon purchase, inside our mobile app and by logging in to the customer section on our website.


    This Program is for families with twins or triplets who want to say "yes" to better sleep.

    In the first few years of a child's life there can be a lot of factors affecting their sleep. During this period of big development, babies can take a long time to settle, naps can be fragmented at best and any sort of night sleep can be non-existent. 

    This is so much harder when you've got more than one baby.

    What does the Multiples Sleep Program assist with?

    • Implementing age-appropriate nap and feed patterns and routines for more than one baby and how to effectively stagger sleep and feed times
    • Tandem, bottle feeding or solo feeding advice
    • Solutions for poor naps and catnapping
    • Age appropriate settling and self-settling methods
    • Night sleep and reduction of wakings
    • Consistent feeding patterns, including solids
    • Understanding your babies' sleep behaviour
    • Creating smooth and stress-free bedtimes
    • Guidance around setting up the nursery for multiples
    • Giving you structure but also flexibility

    Purchase of this Program will give you access to our exclusive Multiples Village in our custom-built Baby Sleep App. In this Village, other mothers of multiples from all over the world as well as our trained Sleep Consultants are able to help and support you at any time of the day or night.
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