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Baby Nutrition Program (4-12 Months)

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"I am incredibly passionate about nutrition in general, and specifically how dietetics can be applied to empower parents to make the right choices for their children in early life, to give them the best start possible."

Our Baby Nutrition Program has been written by Tara Sofair, an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (and mother). A dietitian is a university qualified nutrition expert who has studied biochemistry, medical nutrition therapy, human biology and public health and has completed clinical placement experience (working in a hospital). Dietitians provide purely evidenced based practice, meaning that they endeavour to always give information that is backed by scientific research.

This Nutrition Program contains an evidence based approach to baby feeding, made up of extremely detailed information, food guides, examples menus, shopping lists, checklists as well as a Baby Recipe Book.

In this NEW comprehensive Nutrition Program you will learn:

~ when and how to start solids with your little one

~ what foods to offer your baby at each age and developmental stage

~ how to prepare, cook and store meals for your baby

~ the different food groups and what nutrients your baby needs to thrive and grow

~ how to set up excellent food and eating habits

~ how to deal with fussy eaters

~ how and when to introduce allergen foods

~ risks associated with solids and how to minimize them


You will never be alone...

Purchase of this Program will give you access to our exclusive nutrition group in the Little Ones Village; our custom-built App. In this Village, families from all over the world as well as the author of this Program are able to help and support you at any time of the day or night.

Improvements guaranteed!

If you try our Nutrition Program, have sought guidance in the Little Ones Village and, after 30 days, have not achieved the results you expect, we will give you a refund!

Instant access!

Your Nutrition Program is emailed you straight after purchase so you can get started on excellent and healthy eating habits with your little one immediately.

Over 70,000 families worldwide are part of the Little Ones family!

"This Nutrition Guide is phenomenal. I was so anxious about which foods to give my baby when we started solids and found nothing but mixed messages and conflicting information at every turn. It is such a relief to have all the information I need in one guide, and I know it is 100% scientific and accurate. We no longer battle at mealtimes - my LO loves his food and I continue to be amazed by the depth of information I read in this guide! " - Nicole from Australia

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