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Don't quit now!

Taking this first step to improving your little one's sleep is the most important thing you'll ever do for your child.

Because, imagine if you could finally put an end to sleep deprivation!

Imagine how it would feel to have a pro-napper, a calm settled baby and a good night's sleep...

How would it feel to know exactly how to respond to your little one's sleep needs now and for years to come?

All of this is possible with the Little Ones Sleep Program.

  • No more sleepless nights
  • Longer more predictable naps
  • Easier settling or working towards gentle self-settling
  • A step by step guide to your little one's day
  • The freedom to get out and about
  • Confidence in yourself as a parent
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"They'll grow out of it"

How many times have you said this to yourself, your partner, your friends? Convincing yourself that your little one's poor sleep is just a stage, just a phase, just teething, or a growth spurt or a sleep regression, or or or...

The truth is that unless you take steps to help your baby or toddler develop great sleep habits, their poor sleep, that "phase", won't end. They won't simply grow out of it.

It can feel as though you've tried everything to get your little one to sleep better. You've spent hundreds on swaddles and comforters and nightlights and aromatherapy and nothing has worked.

It can be really disheartening.

But, quite simply, you just haven't found the right information and methods to achieve better sleep for your whole family, in a gentle, responsive way...

Until now.

If you're anything like me, you're someone who:

  • Likes some structure and routine to their day
  • Wants to do the best thing for your baby's health and development
  • Likes answers and solutions
  • Wants to connect with and enjoy your baby in a positive way
  • Likes getting out and about during the day
  • Feels overwhelmedat all the information (and often conflicting information) about the world of baby sleep

We hear you, loud and clear, because we're parents too and we've been in your shoes.

This is why we spent years developing our company and creating our Sleep Programs - to help families like yours, like our own, shake off the effects of sleep deprivation once and for all in a nurturing, evidence-based way.


Sleep is so important for your little one.

We believe that everyone deserves sleep. We know how crucial decent sleep is, not only to a baby's health and development, but also to the dynamics of a family, to a mother's mental health, to the functioning of relationships.

And so we wrote a sleep manual.

Our Sleep Programs have been researched and written using the most up to date information and methods on the complex world of infant sleep. 

And sleep is also important for you.

When we're sleep deprived, everything is harder; parenting, our relationships, even day to day tasks and running the household. If your little one is sleeping well, so are you and this means you're able to be a more confident, relaxed parent and really enjoy this journey you're on.

Sleep is so important for you too.


So come on this journey with us and improve your family's sleep for years to come.

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Our online Sleep Programs are made up of:

Daily Schedules

Age appropriate daily schedules to guide you through your little one's naps and feeds throughout the day.

Extensive Troubleshooting

Not every day goes to plan! This is why we have detailed troubleshooting for when things go awry.

Wealth of Information

Knowledge is power right? And our Programs give you all the information you need to understand your little one's sleep, making you an expert in their sleep needs and behaviour.

Sleep Consultant Support

We have a custom-built support village in which thousands of parents as well as our own Certified Sleep Consultants are available to help you day and night.

With Little Ones you will learn:

  • The secret to great naps
  • How to easily settle your baby to sleep
  • How to help your baby sleep through the night
  • Self-settling methods that do not involve crying
  • The perfect daily schedule for your little one
  • How to more confidently respond to your baby's sleeping and feeding needs

You will also discover:

Time Out

You'll be able to have a break while your baby is napping for decent lengths. Take the opportunity to have a relaxing shower, put your feet up or get on top of household tasks, because YOU are important too.

Your Evenings Back

When your baby goes down to sleep easily at 7PM, you'll have the whole evening to yourself. Spend time with your hubby or relax on the couch with the TV on - you choose. You've got time and THIS relationship matters as well.

Confidence to get Out & About

Knowing when your baby will need to nap is the easiest way to plan your day. You can organise outings for when you know your baby will be awake or plan to do their naps while you're on the go. The certainty of your day is very freeing.

More Sleep

You deserve sleep. We all do. With improvements to your baby's sleep comes better sleep for you. Start feeling well rested and ditch that shadow of sleep deprivation once and for all.

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What our customers think...

customer image

Kelly S

Baby Sleep Program

I started using this program when my bub was 3 months old, she's now 4.5 months old. I was getting exhausted fighting her to go to sleep. It would take up to an hour of pacing, rocking and her screaming to get her to sleep. I got this program and it literally changed our lives the first day!!  We have benefited so much on this program and I've found it really easy to follow, understand and implement. She's started sleeping through the night from 7-7 and sometimes doesn't even wake for a feed. I can't thank you ladies enough for sharing your science. I now know how to understand and read my baby.

customer image

Laura N

Baby Sleep Program

This program has helped us immensely. Organizing our day sleep has improved our nights! My 4 month old now sleeps from 7:30pm to 3am without waking! He is getting quality sleep throughout the day at the right time and is a happy baby all around! The advice and swift responses in the village are what really set this program apart - I don’t feel alone and know that I have support.

customer image

Natalie U

Baby Sleep Program

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with building a schedule for their little one. The program has really helped us build a routine, that works, and regain some control. Prior to the program my little one only had 40 minute naps during the day, now she has a two hour nap at lunch time which is both important for my LO but also important for me, as I’m able to do some well needed mummy things or take a decent nap myself. Now we are moving on to the nutrition program. Weaning here we come!
Already recommended to friends.

If you're still not sure, let us reassure you:

Researched & Evidence-Based

The comprehensive advice in our Sleep Programs has been thoroughly researched and cross-checked by professionals including paediatricians and sleep neurophysiologists. We only use evidence-based information because we know you want to use the best advice for your baby.

Trusted by 150,000 Families

We have now helped over 150,000 families worldwide achieve better sleep. Among our customers are doctors, paediatricians, nurses, midwives and other medical professionals who trust our advice and methods.


With our Sleep Programs you can guarantee you're getting the best and most accurate information for your little one's age. Our Programs change as your baby grows, so you're always on top of sleep regressions and nap transitions, and therefore far better prepared.

Sleep Consultant Support

All our customers gain access to our global support community, the Little Ones Village, housed in our mobile app. In this village, thousands of parents as well as our own certified Sleep Consultants are available to help you day and night, because we know how hard it can be trying to work things out alone.

Imagine never second guessing yourself again! Future-proof your little one's sleep here:

Little Ones Programs Newborn Sleep Program (0-3 Months)
Little Ones Programs Newborn Sleep Program (0-3 Months)
Little Ones Programs Newborn Sleep Program (0-3 Months)
Little Ones Programs Newborn Sleep Program (0-3 Months)

Newborn Sleep Program (0-3 Months)

$59.00 USD
Little Ones Programs Baby Sleep Program (3-12 Months)
Little Ones Programs Baby Sleep Program (3-12 Months)
Little Ones Programs Baby Sleep Program (3-12 Months)
Little Ones Programs Baby Sleep Program (3-12 Months)

Baby Sleep Program (3-12 Months)

$59.00 USD
Little Ones Programs Older Baby Sleep Program (6-24 Months)
Little Ones Programs Older Baby Sleep Program (6-24 Months)
Little Ones Programs Older Baby Sleep Program (6-24 Months)
Little Ones Programs Older Baby Sleep Program (6-24 Months)

Older Baby Sleep Program (6-24 Months)

$59.00 USD
Little Ones Programs Toddler Sleep Program (12-36 Months)
Little Ones Programs Toddler Sleep Program (12-36 Months)
Little Ones Programs Toddler Sleep Program (12-36 Months)
Little Ones Programs Toddler Sleep Program (12-36 Months)

Toddler Sleep Program (12-36 Months)

$59.00 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

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90 day money back guarantee

customer image

Sarish H

Ultimate Sleep Program

As new mother I found everything so overwhelming - so much different advice on how to care and put my little one to sleep. I was advised to let baby sleep as long as they like in the day, do not wake baby up as they won’t grow! Etc etc. Like this I found my little one partying the whole night long while sleeping most of the day. I was beginning to get frustrated and was already very exhausted from the difficult labour I had gone through. Since following the programme we have a perfect night sleep. This means I can get chores done have some me time and a good night sleep. I recommended this programme to all my friends and family and will definitely use it for my future babies. 

customer image

Jaimie R

Newborn Sleep Program

This programme has made a massive difference to our lives! Our son has gone from waking up every 1.5-2 hours to sleeping on average 9-10 hours straight a night and sleeping in his own crib for all naps. I feel like I have got some independence back and little things like having dinner with my husband every night and being able to do a work out while he has a morning nap have done wonders for my sanity and mood!

customer image

Diana M

Ultimate Sleep Program

My three year old naturally fell into a routine that worked for us, so I was expecting the same from my newborn. I was so wrong. She was sleeping all day and then was up most of the night. I read her sleep cues wrong and I got her awake periods wrong. I kept thinking things would get better on their own but of course they didn’t, I had to make some changes but didn’t know what. I saw a few ads from Little Ones on Facebook and after another bad night bought the program thinking what have I got to lose. Things changed for the better very quickly. I bought the program when my daughter was 9 weeks old and saw improvements in a matter of days. It took a couple of weeks for all sleeps to fall into place. She also became a much more happier and relaxed baby from following the routine. The support from the ‘village’ is excellent. The resources are great and the program is very simple to follow. I’m very pleased to have bought this program that supports me (and our family) as my baby’s needs change.

If you're not ready for our Sleep Programs just yet, we'd love to give you our e-book "2 Weeks to Better Sleep" absolutely free!

Simply click below to download the e-book, which contains information and tips on:

  • Setting up great naps
  • Achieving better night sleep
  • How to approach settling and self-settling
  • Creating the ideal sleep environment
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