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    Sleep Programs

    Our Sleep Programs are a unique approach to your baby’s day based on their age. This is the most comprehensive online program, containing tonnes of detailed information to help you through the first years of your little one's life. 

    Our Sleep Programs were created by mothers, educators and medical professionals who we have had experience analysing the sleep patterns of thousands of babies, to develop a natural, biological rhythm for baby sleep.

    We know babies. And we know how to get the best sleep for them and for you.

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    Since launching this company and our extremely successful Sleep Programs, we have helped over 150,000 babies worldwide achieve better sleep.

    If your baby is… 

    • Catnapping
    • Waking frequently at night
    • Hard to settle
    • Won’t sleep in their own bed
    • Unsettled during their waking hours
    • Resisting bedtime
    • Needing you to rock/feed/pat them to sleep all night long

    …we’ve got the answers!

    Our Sleep Programs are more than just a "schedule". They are extremely comprehensive programs with dozens of sections containing information, detailed notes, troubleshooting, schedules, settling methods, videos to guide your use and understanding of our Sleep Programs and FAQs. The Programs contain everything you need to get your wee one on the road to better sleep.

    And we’ve also got a whole village of parents in our support group, as well as our Certified Sleep Consultants, to back you up and guide and support you on this incredible journey.

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    • Your baby will love knowing what she is doing each day.
    • Your baby gets the correct amount of sleep and food to thrive and grow.
    • Your baby gets fed thoroughly throughout the day to then get a good sleep at night and will naturally “sleep through” at a young age.
    • You get to plan your own day around the baby’s sleep and feeds.
    • You will learn your baby’s cues much faster; by following the Program you know what to expect next.
    • You’ll get to know if something else is wrong very quickly, such as illnesses.
    • Your baby will be happy in their bed because it’s where they sleep when they’re tired.

    You’ll become a happy confident parent who has a happy content baby. 

     We aren’t talking about a strict routine where you let your baby cry for hours or sleep training a newborn. We are talking about normal biological sleeping and feeding rhythms that babies naturally follow if they are given the chance to sleep.  

    We know our methods work and we back them 100%, which is why we offer a full refund if you don’t see improvements with your little one’s sleep.

    You need sleep. I know. And it is only a click away…