Antenatal Course: Newborn Sleep
$19.00 USD
Newborn Sleep Program (0-3 Months)
$44.00 USD
Baby Sleep Program (3-12 Months)
$49.00 USD
Baby Nutrition Program (4-12 Months)
$44.00 USD
Older Baby Sleep Program (6-24 Months)
$49.00 USD
Toddler Sleep Program (12-36 Months)
$49.00 USD
Ultimate Sleep Program (0-3 Years)
$99.00 USD
Multiples Supplement
$9.00 USD
Perfect Sounds for Baby Sleep Album
$0.00 USD
Gift Card
$19.00 USD
  • What do I get in a Sleep Program?

  • Do I get any extra support?

  • What are your accreditations in this field?

  • Do your Sleep Programs involve the "cry it out" methods?

  • When will I receive my Sleep Program?

  • Will I have to be stuck in the house all day long if I follow your Sleep Program?

  • Do these Programs work for a breastfed baby?

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