Jessica Torrisi


Jessica is a Paediatric Sleep Specialist whose journey with Little Ones started in 2017, following the birth of her younger son, Vincent. After seeing how well the program worked to improve his sleep, she decided she wanted to help other parents and has been supporting customers in the Little Ones Village ever since. Now, she is sharing her knowledge and experience with a wider audience, writing case studies and articles focused on baby sleep.

Outside of Little Ones, Jessica is also a primary and secondary school teacher, having graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Education in 2010. She loves finding creative ways to help students understand new concepts and overcome challenges in their learning. Jessica uses this same approach in the Little Ones Village - helping parents to understand their baby’s sleep needs and working with them to find creative solutions.

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Jessica now lives in Miami, Florida with her husband Ben and their two boys, Arthur (8) and Vincent (4). She loves travelling and exploring new places with her family, especially the US National Parks. At home, she enjoys reading, as well as baking and decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

“My passion for helping parents with their baby’s sleep comes from the experience I had with my eldest son, Arthur. He was really unsettled as a baby and a terrible sleeper! He would only catnap on me for short periods during the day and would also wake every 1-2hrs every night. As a result, I developed postnatal depression and anxiety and after months of sleep deprivation, was eventually admitted to hospital to get some rest. When I saw the same patterns starting in Vincent around 5 weeks old, I knew I didn’t want to go through that again. Thankfully we found Little Ones and not only did the program help to improve his sleep, it helped me to avoid a relapse of postnatal depression and anxiety too.

I knew there were other parents facing the same difficulties and I wanted to be able to use my experience to help them through it, so I leapt at the opportunity to join Little Ones as a Paediatric Sleep Specialist. Although I love helping all of our customers in the Little Ones Village, the most rewarding moments for me are when I help a customer who has been struggling with postnatal depression or anxiety. To see them come back from a really low point, to being well-rested, happy and calm is just the best feeling ever!”