Perfect, here is what we'd recommend:

    Hey busy parent - we feel ya. Almost all of us here at Little Ones have more than one child and we know how crazy those days can get! Nicky, one of our founders, had 3 kids under 5 and she swears the only reason she remained relatively sane during that busy time, was by having a good, predictable routine to her day, but one that also allowed for flexibility.

    You sound a lot like Nicky, and the good news is that we've got the solutions you seek in our app, to make your parenting journey easier.

    Our Sleep Program is vast and caters for a lot of different parenting styles, and so, here is where we'd recommend you start in our Sleep Program, and what we think would work best for you and your family:

    Quick Guides

    We have condensed our Detailed Schedules into Quick Guides, which give you the at-a-glance plan for your day in terms of your baby's sleep and feed times. These also have the recommended awake times and total day sleep listed, so you have a bit of a plan to work towards. You can download the Quick Guide and stick it on the fridge for easy access!


    In our FAQs, we have a lot of answers for how to maintain some sort of routine when you also have older children or are out and about a lot. Check out this section, as well as our article "Flexibility, Out & About" in the Sleep Info part of the app for some guidance around how to structure your day to work with a busy events schedule.

    Schedule Reminders

    We've got an awesome feature in our app whereby you can choose to receive notifications throughout the day of events such as nap times, wake up times and feed times. These notifications can be a god-send when you're busy during the day or caught up with your other children. If, however, you find the reminders a little overwhelming, or you're happy to just follow the Quick Guide, you can easily turn the notifications off at any time.