Perfect, here is what we'd recommend:

    Parenting is an incredible journey, but one that can also be confusing and frustrating. Some of us prefer a helping hand to get through our days and that is certainly what Nicky, one of the founders of Little Ones, found. With her first baby, not knowing anything, really, about her little one's sleep needs, she felt pretty lost. It wasn't until she sought the day-to-day guidance of a friend (who was also a mother) that she was able to feel more confident in her parenting. Through daily contact and shared experiences, her parenting journey became a lot easier and far less confusing.

    You sound like someone who, like Nicky, could use a guiding hand during the day.

    That's what we're here for! Our Sleep Program is vast and caters for a lot of different parenting styles, and so, here is where we'd recommend you start in our Sleep Program, and what we think would work best for you and your family:

    Detailed Schedules

    Our detailed sleep and feed schedules will quickly become that voice of wisdom in your ear guiding you through your day. These tell you when the events in your little one's day will occur and for how long. This will be your daily go-to to set up and maintain a great pattern to your day.

    The Village

    You should never feel alone in your parenting journey, and we've got an entire global village of parents to support you. Inside our Village you can seek guidance from our Certified Sleep Consultants as well as thousands of other parents, many of whom are in the same boat as you. Feel free to ask your questions in here and we'll all do our best to help you.

    Schedule Reminders

    We've got an awesome feature in our app whereby you can choose to receive notifications throughout the day of events such as nap times, wake up times and feed times. These notifications can be a god-send when you're busy during the day. If, however, you find the reminders a little overwhelming, or you're happy to just follow the Detailed Guide, you can easily turn the notifications off at any time.