Perfect, here is what we'd recommend:

    Your baby is an amazing little thing who is pretty good at telling you when they need something! How wonderful that you're so in-tune with your little one. You sound a lot like one of our valued customers, Harriet. Harriet wasn't interested in any sort of "hard-core" sleep training or having to follow a rigid routine with her baby and she shouldn't have to, if it doesn't fit with her parenting style.

    Nor should you.

    Our Sleep Program caters for all parenting styles and so there is a tonne of information and methods in there. Based on your preferences, here is where we'd recommend you start in our Sleep Program, and what we think would work best for you and your family:

    Sleep Info

    We have an entire library of comprehensive sleep information inside our app. For you, the best place to start is with these articles:
    - Setting up the sleep environment
    - Sleep & stress hormones
    - Awake times & nap lengths
    - Over & undertiredness
    - Flexibility, out & about

    The Village

    You should never feel alone in your parenting journey, and we've got an entire global village of parents to support you. Inside our Village you can seek guidance from our Certified Sleep Consultants as well as thousands of other parents, many of whom are in the same boat as you.

    Turn off Schedule Reminders

    We've got a unique feature in our app whereby you can choose to receive notifications throughout the day of events such as nap times, wake up times and feed times. These are really helpful for parents who prefer a more structure approach to their day. We would recommend you turn these off via the settings section of the app, so you can listen more to your baby and less to your phone dinging!