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Dear parent,


Have you ever felt so exhausted you doubt you'll ever sleep again? Do you struggle with your little one's sleep and constantly wonder if you're doing it "right"? I've been there too - the long days where your baby just won't nap and the even longer nights where sleep becomes a distant memory. It is exhausting and consuming and, to be honest, it is unsustainable. You are not the best version of yourself when you're continually sleep deprived, and neither is your baby. This is why we have spent years developing world class sleep resources which are approved and endorsed by medical professionals worldwide.




The Little Ones Sleep Program.


The most comprehensive online baby and toddler sleep programs in the world.


You are about to discover...

The top 5 misconceptions about baby sleep:


1. A baby's sleep will get better on it's own

Maybe. But probably not. Bring pro-active with your little one's sleep is the only guaranteed way to lock in excellent sleep habits that last for years to come.

2. A baby's sleep isn't something that can be improved on

Wrong! Like learning to ride a bike, sleep is something we can actively help our babies and toddlers with and there is always room for improvement.


3. Night sleep is different to day sleep

Night sleep and day sleep is linked - one directly affects the other. We know and understand this complicated link and this is why we provide guidance around day sleep as well as night sleep; it is the only way to truly improve a child's sleep overall.

4. All babies are different

Babies of the same age have very similar sleep needs. We don't accept the excuse that a baby is sleeping poorly simply because they're "different". We believe all babies have the ability to sleep well, with the right advice and guidance.

5. Wanting better sleep is selfish

Sleep is not selfish - it is a biological necessity. The advantage of better sleep for your little one, is you also get better sleep, meaning you're able to function more competently as a parent. This is not selfish, it's crucial.

Here is exactly what you'll get inside our world-class Sleep Programs:


  • Our secret formula for sleep success: daily age-appropriate nap and feed schedules which change as your baby grows
  • Your choice of 9 evidence-based settling and self-settling methods to help your little one fall asleep independently
  • In-depth information about sleep regressions, nap transitions, sleep associations, sleep environment, early waking, starting solids and MORE!
  • Detailed troubleshooting and frequently asked questions
  • Video explanations and tutorials to maximise your use of the Sleep Program

Donna's Story:



"Such a brilliant program. I started it out of frustration one day wanting some improvement. I honestly didn't expect this - a month ago I could only get my son to sleep by feeding and then i would carefully transfer him to his bassinet without waking, or he would nap on me (would always wake when put down). After following this for a month, he now feeds only after waking, sleeps in his cot for 2 naps a day and overnight. I can put him down awake and singing to himself and within 5 minutes he's asleep. My husband has also been putting him to sleep the last few days as easily as I do, since there is no association to food anymore. I am so thankful to this program - our little man is so much happier when awake, I now have time to myself again, with free hands; I get heaps of sleep and I can share the joy of tucking the little guy in with his dad. It's great knowing I can pop out for a few hours over lunch and my husband can settle him back to sleep if needed, though the little guy has gotten so good now, he barely stirs during his sleep and very rarely needs us to settle him. So proud and so glad I saw this program when I did. Best money spent."



With our Sleep Programs, over 150,000 families all over the world are getting more sleep.


75% of our customers report improved sleep within 2 weeks of starting the Sleep Program


More than half our customers say their confidence as a parent has grown since starting our Sleep Program


90% of our customers say our Sleep Programs are excellent value for money

It's really easy to get started:

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90 day money back guarantee

Meet the Founders of Little Ones...


We are Nicky and Amanda; mothers, friends, colleagues and jointly responsible for having dreamt up the idea of a company where parents can access reliable, trusted, proven advice and methods to improve their family's sleep.


Because we know what sleep deprivation is like. We know how it feels to struggle through endless sleepless months, wondering what is going on, questioning and doubting yourself at every turn. We know how long those nights are and how the tears flow easily during the day too.


We've had babies who were bad night sleepers, bad daytime nappers, babies who were rocked to sleep, fed to sleep, bounced to sleep. Babies who slept in the stroller, front pack, hammock, our arms. Babies who were breast and bottle fed, babies who woke at 5 AM every single day. We've had days where we couldn't see through the fog. 


Everything was a battle; motherhood, our relationships with our husbands, our day to day lives. We were suffering from the chronic effects of sleep deprivation. Looking back now, we can see how our first taste of motherhood could have been so much more enjoyable if we'd had the knowledge, the education about sleep, reliable advice and age-appropriate methods...


And this is why, years later, we started our company and wrote our Sleep Programs - to help people. To help people improve the health of their babies and themselves, to give families an alternative to sleep deprivation, to let everyone know that there is another way and with the right advice and a village behind you - anything is possible.

Here is our promise to you:


If you try our Sleep Program for 30 days, have sought advice in the support group and are still not seeing any improvement to your little one's naps or night sleep, we will give you your money back.

Our Sleep Programs are a one-off cost; a small price to pay for giving your baby the gift of sleep for years to come.

This Program is for you if...


  • You'd like the power to help your baby's sleep improve
  • You value sleep as an important nutrient for your baby and your whole family
  • You would like a more rested, happier and healthier little one
  • You prioritise your baby's sleep needs
  • You'd like guidance, advice and exclusive support through the sleep regressions, nap transitions and big sleep changes to come

Joan's Story:


"My husband and I are first-time parents and struggled with baby sleep from day 2 of our little one’s birth. I remember being physically and mentally exhausted and on the verge of a breakdown, being sleep deprived while trying to heal postpartum. Out of desperation I started browsing the internet for help and came upon the Little Ones Program. I purchased the 3-12 month program.

Honestly, this program saved our lives. Not only is our little one getting the rest he needs and is growing happily and healthily, we are also getting our much needed rest and mental space to function as individuals. I honestly can’t thank Nicky and Amanda enough and the entire staff of sleep consultants for building this program and supporting parents all over the world. It is such a relief to know there is help out there and is available to those who are desperate for it. We do not have to lose ourselves in the process of raising our children. We can have both.

Below are some personal experiences about the program that has really worked well for us and I hope that other parents will also find the same:

1. When I officially put him on the program in his 4th month and started following the program to the tee, his night sleep immediately improved to 12 hours (with a wake for a feed). 
2. A few weeks before purchasing the program I was using the cry it out method. Some days it worked, some days it didn’t. Using this program though, sometimes he would cry for a few seconds but most days he would just go straight to sleep. Who knew getting awake times right and keeping to them can be such a differentiator?
3. Nap transitions. No new parent will know that babies eventually drop their morning, afternoon naps and lunch naps at some point? The guide allowed for us to anticipate and prepare for this. We’ve found this really helpful.
4. Feeding. The program contains a schedule for feeding as well which is really great because this removes the guesswork for us whether baby is crying because he is sleepy or hungry or just plain fussy. He has started to sleep through the night at 7.5 months without a feed and keeping him well-fed through the day was a key component of that.
5. Voice to Soothe Method - When little one started waking up out of habit in the early morning hours, I decided to try this method. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my little one actually going back to sleep! Now I use this all the time to settle/resettle him. Who knew this was even something that can work for babies?
6. Sleep Regressions. Sleep regressions are quite an experience for parents. The program helped prepare us especially for these. The big one at 4months lasted for 5 days and we rode it out like champs. I heard it usually lasts for several week!

As much as this is a review, it is also a big thank you note! We knew our lives would change once we have a baby, we didn’t know how much till he was born! This program has made parenting less stressful and we are able to put more of our focus on enjoying our time with the little one versus stressing over sleep and food. Thank you Little Ones!!! We are eternally grateful!"