Achieve Healthy Sleep for your Family

A comprehensive approach to sleep for healthier families.

With effective and scientifically backed methods, you won't believe how easy it is to:

  • Improve naps
  • Improve settling and work on self-settling
  • Improve night sleep

Achieve healthier sleep for your family WITHOUT using harsh sleep training techniques

What is "Healthy Sleep"?

Healthy sleep is when a baby or toddler is napping the right amount for their age and is achieving consolidated night time sleep to lead to improved brain and body function, including cellular repair, immune strengthening, learning consolidation and emotion regulation. 

To get the full benefit of healthy sleep however, it is crucial to understand your little one's sleep in a comprehensive and scientific way so you can implement the right sort of changes.

The biggest challenge to healthy sleep is actually achieving it

Little Ones™ has solved the problem!

Ok, so now you know healthy sleep is the goal, but how exactly do you get there? If you’ve been reading about baby sleep on numerous sites, you will already know that napping is as important as good night sleep. But you might not have learnt that napping DIRECTLY AFFECTS night time sleep and that your baby’s daytime pattern sets up the success for their night sleep.

This is something many many sleep advice organisations simply do not understand or prioritise.


We’ve solved the problem.

Little Ones has discovered a unique system for improving naps, night time sleep and settling, by looking at your child's sleep across their whole 24-hour day.

What a lot of people don't realise is the crucial interconnecting relationship between daytime sleep and night time sleep. It is impossible to achieve lasting sleep results without focusing on both of these key areas simultaneously. So, in simplistic terms, we improve daytime naps to improve night time sleep! With this approach, better sleep habits are established and are able to be maintained in the long term through far gentler methods than if you were working on improvements to night sleep alone. 

When sleep is approached in this cyclical way, the benefits are easier to achieve and more superior than any other method.

There are many health benefits of good sleep:


Science tells us that when a baby sleeps, all these incredible (and important) things are happening in their brains - major things like memory reinforcement and learning consolidation.

Research has shown that babies and toddlers who nap well after a learning experience retain that learning, whereas babies who don't nap or nap poorly will not consolidate the learning.

Sleep helps our children learn.


It doesn't take a neuroscientist to realise that without adequate sleep, babies and toddlers are unable to regulate their emotions. This results in grumpy, crying babies who are very difficult to settle. Napping well and sleeping in consolidated chunks overnight lets little brains process and regulate all the emotions our children are learning and dealing with every day.

Without this decent chance to catch up, you're in for an unhappy little one!


New research has shown that sleep plays a vital role in in the maintenance of the brain. When people get too little sleep, waste-proteins accumulate in the brain, leading to inflammation that subsequently destroys nerve cells. During sleep is when brain cells regenerate and are repaired and when you're building new brain calls at a rapid rate (in the first few years of life), sleep is extremely important to support healthy neural pathways and a healthy brain.


Without adequate sleep, our whole body suffers. One crucial area affected is our immune response system, which is lowered with extended sleep deprivation. This means your little one (and you) are more susceptible to illness, especially if you also have older children, and because your baby's brain and body isn't getting the sleep they need, they can be sicker for longer.


When a baby or toddler is overtired, the stress hormone cortisol builds up in their body. This is a naturally occurring hormone as part of our circadian rhythm, however overtiredness or prolonged sleep deprivation boosts the levels of this hormone. Because it is an adrenal-based hormone, this means your little one becomes very agitated, hard to settle and will sleep poorly as a result. During decent sleep, free from overtiredness, is when your baby's stress levels are reduced again, essentially wiping the stress-slate clean.

The problem is that most sleep companies don't know - or don’t understand - how to improve a child’s sleep, without resorting straight to harsh sleep training techniques.

The Little Ones™ approach is not just different, it’s better. We formulated our Sleep Programs in a way that embraces three key elements most other programs don’t, or can’t, deliver:


This is one of the most important components to establishing excellent napping, leading to excellent night sleep. If a baby or toddler's awake windows are too long or too short for their age and developmental stage, they will nap poorly no matter what you do. This can lead to either an over or under tired baby come bedtime at night, and fragmented night sleep as a result. We are the only company that understands how important it is to get the awake times right for your baby's age and we've seen time and time again that simply adjusting a child's awake time can have a dramatic, positive impact on their sleep.


As well as getting the awake times spot on, it is important to guide your little one to the correct nap hours for their age. Quite simply, a baby or toddler who naps too much or too little in the day will almost always sleep badly overnight. By regulating our children's napping, ie, waking them if necessary or resettling them back to sleep, we're giving them the best chance for sleep success overnight.  A lot of other sleep programs tend to focus on night sleep alone and/or teaching self-settling overnight irrespective of how a baby's daytime napping has been. A baby who is over or under tired is very difficult to "sleep train" overnight and it will result in a lot more tears.


There can be no "one size fits all" when it comes to baby sleep and certainly when it comes to teaching self-settling. Little Ones™ is unique in that we're the only company that has developed multiple methods, which can all be varied and adapted to suit each individual family. More importantly, our methods work with your baby's existing sleep associations, which means you can achieve results easier than the generic or traditional sleep training methods offered by other companies.

Little Ones™ Programs for Healthy Sleep

All our methods, advice and nap schedules in comprehensive instantly accessible Programs.

What makes Little Ones different?

first class research

The comprehensive information in our Sleep Programs has been thoroughly researched and cross-checked by professionals including paediatricians and sleep neurophysiologists. We only use evidence-based information because we know you want to use the best advice for your baby.

Knowledge is Power

Our Programs contain all the knowledge you need to understand your baby's sleep and implement positive solutions that suit your parenting style, because we know there is no one-size-fits-all, and you are the one who knows your child the best.

access to the experts!

All our customers gain totally FREE access to our global support community, the Little Ones Village, housed in our mobile app. In this village, thousands of parents as well as our own certified Sleep Consultants are available to help you 24/7, because we know how hard it can be trying to work things out alone.

Being a new mom was overwhelming, and as many new moms do, I was simply just winging it; however, at around 12 weeks I slowly started losing my sanity due to sleep deprivation. My babe would only fall asleep on me, and there was no rhyme or reason as to why or when he would sleep. I decided after one obscenely exhausting day to start researching, and that is when I came across Little Ones. It was worth a shot, right? You’ll do anything at 4am and desperate. Little Ones saved my life. I began implementing the structured routine, and my babe began to thrive completely. I, too, became more confident and assure about my abilities. Not only is the program gentle, the community that comes along with it has been by far the most supportive community I’ve ever been a part of. So many amazing mothers and administrators contribute daily, and it makes you feel as if you’re not alone. I have recommended this sleep program to so many other mothers due to my experience, and I will always be grateful for the newfound life it gave me when I was feeling lost and hopeless. Thanks, Little Ones! I am forever in your debt!


The Little Ones™ Ideology

The Company

We created this company because we believe that everyone needs sleep and we know how hard it was to find reliable, trusted advice.

We've spent years developing scientifically informed, yet easy to read Programs that cover all the major areas of concern for new parents - sleep, feeding and settling and, importantly, how these interact with one another. Finding this balance can be tricky and our Programs take the guesswork out of it.

Sleep is important for a range of reasons but doesn't necessarily come easily to all babies. Many of the mainstream baby sleep books and advice impose generic and rigid strategies for teaching babies to sleep independently. These don't take into consideration individual variation, unique family circumstances and sometimes even the emotional toll of sleep deprivation. The Little Ones strategies are a more comprehensive alternative and can be tailored to your family so that you really see positive change to your baby or toddler's sleep, and to your whole family's health and wellbeing.

We are Nicky and Amanda; mothers, friends, colleagues and jointly responsible for having dreamt up the idea of a company where parents can access reliable, trusted, proven advice and methods to improve their family's sleep health, without having to spend a fortune on private consultants, without limiting the support a person can get to the area they live in.

When people ask us what we do, our answer is focused on the values of our company and what we most treasure about the work we do:

"We empower families around the world to make positive change to their little ones' sleep and therefore improve the health of their family".

We have developed Little Ones™ into a global community, where we're able to reach out to parents all over the world. Our certified Sleep Consultants and staff members stretch from New Zealand to the UK, come from different backgrounds and parenting styles and all of them are mothers who work from home so they can also be with their children.

We are all about improving the health of families. And our Little Ones™ family is here to help you.

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